about me!

Hi everyone! My name is Alis (pronounced like Alice). I'm a 24 year old sleepy/hyper kiddo who lives life genuinely and wholeheartedly.

  • Likes: cute things, colorful fashion, nail art, my friends, affordable housing, public transportation, relationship anarchy, radical acceptance
  • Hobbies: crafting, looking at cute things, learning about snakes and other animals, dancing, singing, cuddling my stuffed animals, and practicing American Sign Language
  • I love colorful things, rainbows, and pastel things!
  • I'm LGBTQ+ 🌈 I'm agender, aromantic, and queer!
  • Height: 171 cm (5'7" - 5'8")
  • My favorite kind of food is warm, hearty, savory food! I love kimchi stew, lamb curry, chicken adobo, pho, steamed dumplings, gamjatang, saag paneer, fish cake soup, shepherd's pie, minestrone soup, biryani...
  • Snacks I like: applesauce, chips and salsa, strawberry yogurt covered pretzels, goldfish flavor blasted, cheerios, milanos
  • Drinks I like: water, mango juice, milk tea boba, horchata, southern sweet tea, hot chocolate, black bean soymilk
  • I'm always looking for new friends to chill with in the Bay Area!

Here are some pictures and screenshots from the Internet that I relate to!

Black cat holding a small white stuffed bear in between its front paws.

my beliefs

Here are some random statements that relate to my policies, my beliefs, my opinions, my boundaries, stuff like that!

  • Nobody is obligated to be my friend or even talk to me. Some people just don't like each other, and that's okay! If you don't want to hang out with me, then by all means, you really don't have to hang out with me. Relationships are a two-way road!
  • There is no need to feel guilty for eating a certain food item or a certain amount of food. Sugar, fat, food with "chemicals", diets, jokes about being careful and watching your waistline-- please don't talk about this kind of stuff with me.
  • People have different bodies. There is no trait that makes one body better than another body. A certain body shape, weight, density, color, strength or ability-- people are different, but none of these traits are superior to one another.
  • You're not any better than someone you think is less "smart" than you are. This looks different to different people-- whether it's speaking slowly, not having a higher education, being intellectually disabled, or whatever you think it is-- you're not better than them.
  • If I'm giving you a gift: You are welcome to be upfront about whether or not surprises are important for you, and if you'd prefer one type of gift over another. If I give you a gift and you don't like it, it's okay to return it to the store/re-gift it to someone else. It's the thought that counts!
  • If you're giving me a gift: I love receiving gifts! If you don't know what to give me, I have a wishlist, so I hope that helps.